Shell Mars Platform Offshore

Shell Mars Platform Offshore - Industrial

Automated Control Systems has provided pneumatic and DDC temperature control systems on several offshore oil and gas producing platforms through the years, including Shell Mars, Shell Ram Powell, Shell Brutus, Shell Ursa and Freeport McMoran Sulphur Rig.

ASAP Industries

ASAP Industries - Industrial

ASAP Industries is a leading provider for custom fabrication and machining of oilfield drilling and production products in Louisiana. Automated Control Systems was there to help them with a Pelco video and security solution for their manufacturing buildings along with providing them with Square D electrical gear.

GIWW Pumping Station

GIWW Pumping Station - Industrial

Automated Control Systems provided HVAC temperature controls at the world's largest drainage pumping station.

Great Wall New Orleans

Great Wall New Orleans - Industrial

Pelco security cameras and digital recording stations were provided by Automated Control Systems for the "Great Wall". The floodwall was built after Hurricane Katrina devasted the area in 2005.

LOOP Headquarters

LOOP Headquarters - Industrial

Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) headquarters is located in Covington, La. Automated Control Systems provided the necessary Building Automation System for the HVAC system.

Chevron Office Building

Chevron Office Building - Industrial

Chevron relocated their office from downtown New Orleans to Covington, La. after Hurrican Katrina. Automated Control Systems was there to provide them with ABB Variable Frequency Drives for their new equipment.

Shell Robert Training Facility

Shell Robert Training Facility - Industrial

The Shell Robert Training Facility is the center for Oil & Gas training for all drilling and production. In 2014 Automated Controls extended its campus wide Schneider Electric BAS to the newly built Shell Wells Learning Center and the Shell Deepwater “Boost” Buildings.